Cool Spot: Steeltown Garage Co

If you're ever in Hamilton, Ontario, then you need to check out Steeltown Garage Co. It's a retail store with a coffee shop and probably the raddest vibe you'll ever experience in Hamilton.

Celebrating two years in business, the store is a blended retail experience that combines an incredible espresso bar with motorcycle culture merchandise. Seems like an odd mix, but it works beautifully, in fact - it's the ideal combination for a ride with your moto-gang to grab a coffee.

Head over there next time you're in the area, it's a hood-favourite

We sold our boots there a couple years ago, and some patrons of the store say they swear by our Francesco boot as their favourite riding boot, which is rad, because we didn't intend for them to be embraced by the motorcycle community. Sometimes your users find new ways to put your ideas to go use, which is flattering to say the least.


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