Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

All returns will be subject to a quarantine period of 5 days before being processed, this is due to the Covid 19 pandemic, and the safety of our warehouse fulfillment team

How do the shoes fit in terms of length?

The shoes fit pretty true to size, if you like to wear thick socks, then size up 1 full size from what you normally wear. Otherwise, stick to what you normally wear.

How do the shoes fit in terms of width?

They shoes have a mid-range width, which means they fit most feet. They’re a happy medium between wide and narrow.

How long do they take to break in?

After a day of wear your feet will naturally sweat in the shoes and the salt in your perspiration will break in the fibres in the fabric upper. So it may feel a bit snug at first wear, but give it a few hours and you’ll be golden.

Where are the shoes made?

The shoes are made in Southern China in a small factory in Guangdong.

What’s the quality of the shoes like?

These shoes are made pretty good, what we mean by that is they’re not fine-quality, and they’re not crappy plastic things that fall apart after a few wears.

How long will they last?

They should last at least a solid year of wear, which is pretty good considering the price. If you do the math, wearing them everyday for 7 days a week amounts to $0.12 a day, which is pretty sweet if you think about it.

How do I clean them?

The best way to clean them is to spot wash them with a wet towel and some clear dish soap. This will get the surface dirt or grime off, then you need to get into the fabric with a stiff bristle brush and some water and clear dish soap. You could also take them to your local cobbler and ask them to do a proper cleaning.

Can I throw them in the washing machine?

This is not a good idea. When you throw shoes in the washing machine you’re basically submerging them in water and soap and that will affect the adhesives used in the manufacturing process. It will clean the shoes, but it will also make them deteriorate faster, which isn’t good because then they break and you get less wear out of them. Just spot wash them as described above and you’ll be good.

How do I repair them?

Well it depends on the nature of the damage, but you can usually fix them with some super glue if the sole starts to separate.

Can I take them to a shoe-repair shop?

Absolutely, this is the best way to repair any kind of shoe. Your local cobbler or shoe repair will know what to do and they have the proper chemicals and adhesives to repair them properly.

Can you recommend a shoe repair?

Totally. If you’re based in Ontario, in the Toronto area, you can check out our friend Yadi at Yadi Shoe Repair.

What if I choose the wrong size and the shoes don’t fit?

If the shoes don’t fit we can take them back and issue a refund, or exchange them for you. There are some terms and conditions to this though.


Product Returns & Exchanges

Size Exchanges

We understand that purchasing shoes online means that in some cases the wrong size may be selected, resulting in the shoes not fitting. In the event that shoes do not fit, Luigi Sardo will accept the shoes back and exchange them for another pair. Shipping the shoes back to Luigi Sardo’s warehouse is the expense of the buyer, and shipping the new pair back to the customer is the expense of Luigi Sardo. Basically, the buyer pays to send the wrong size pair back to us, and we pay to send the replacement pair to you. Exchanges will only be granted if the pair being returned is in original condition, with no visible signs of wear (no exceptions).

Returns for Refunds

In the event that a buyer wants to return a pair of shoes for a refund, Luigi Sardo will accept the pair(s) back and grant a refund, however, there are conditions that must be met in order for a refund to be issued. In any refund scenario, there will be a $10 USD restocking fee per pair, which is non-refundable and non negotiable. This fee covers the cost to receive the product(s) at our fulfillment centre, inspect the product for resale-ability and enter the product(s) back into our warehouse stock for resale. Please understand that Luigi Sardo is an online based business and orders are fulfilled through a third party fulfillment supplier.

In any return scenario, the cost of shipping the product(s) back to Luigi Sardo is the responsibility of the buyer, not Luigi Sardo.

The conditions for a refund are as follows:

1) The product has not been used, and shows no visible signs of wear.

2) The product is returned in original packaging with all labels, hang tags, and spare laces to accompany the pair(s) being returned (no exceptions).

If the conditions are met, a refund will be granted less the restocking fee of $10 USD per pair (plus applicable taxes) only to the credit card used for the order. We will not send cheques, digital currency transfers, or any other form of monies besides refunding the credit card used for the order (no exceptions).

Return Address

The address to send merchandise being returned or exchanged is below:

Luigi Sardo Inc

60 Creditview Road
Woodbridge ON L4L 9N4

All returns will be subject to a quarantine period of 5 days before being processed, this is due to the Covid 19 pandemic, and the safety of our warehouse fulfillment team

Where do I ship returns to?

Please ship returns to our fulfillment supplier at the address below.

Luigi Sardo Inc

60 Creditview Road
Woodbridge ON L4L 9N4

Who pays the cost of shipping returns?

We ship to you, you ship to us. Basically, what that means is that you pay the cost to send them back to us, and we pay the cost to send them back to you.


Seriously, who is Luigi Sardo? Is it a real person?

Not quite. Luigi is the name of the founder’s grandfather – and he was from Sardegna, Italy. People from this region of Italy are commonly referred to as “Sardos”, so the name Luigi Sardo is an homage to the founder’s grandfather and the region of Sardegna.

How can I contact Luigi Sardo?

You can email us at from this page.