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Cool Spot: Steeltown Garage Co

If you’re ever in Hamilton, Ontario, then you need to check out Steeltown Garage Co. It’s a retail store with a coffee shop and probably the raddest vibe you’ll ever experience in Hamilton. Celebrating two years in business, the store is a blended retail experience that combines an incredible espresso bar with motorcycle culture merchandise. … Continue reading Cool Spot: Steeltown Garage Co

The Osiris D3 Controversy

Who knew the iconic skate shoe from the 90’s was wrapped in controversy?

Why Every Guy Needs A Pair Of Cheap Sneakers

A good ol’ pair of cheap sneaks is crucial for every dude’s well being.

All of our shoes are made in China with a high quality construction and fair labour and wages. We don’t like bad working conditions or unfair treatment of workers either – so we keep our prices and margins pretty slim to bring you these low cut sneakers for a fair price.