Low Cuts For Less

Buy 2 low cuts at regular price and get a 3rd pair free

The Sardo Difference

Our low cut sneakers are made with some extra features that make a huge difference

Lateral Stitching

The stitching line along the outsole creates a bond between the upper and the sole, adding extra durability and preventing outsole separation.

High Quality Laces

Laces are high quality with strong thread, long anglets and the right length so they look proper. You also get a free extra pair.

Removable Insole

The insole is a soft and comfortable premium foam compound with a mesh liner, but you can remove it if you want to add your own like custom orthotics or other types.


Designer: Charles Birkshaw

About that time when a famous NBA player wore our boots

Demar Derozan in Domenico Boots

About that time when a famous NBA player wore our boots

Cool Spot: Steeltown Garage Co

Celebrating two years in business, the store is a blended retail experience that combines an incredible espresso bar with motorcycle culture merchandise. Seems like an odd mix, but it works beautifully, in fact – it’s the ideal combination for a ride with your moto-gang to grab a coffee.