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Everyone relaxes a little differently. Some like to go to the spa, and actually relax in a tranquil setting, maybe with some music playing or maybe sitting outside listening to the trees rustle in the wind.

For me – I like to listen to punk rock. I can fall asleep with it on and feel a sense of calm when I have it playing in headphones or while driving. I won’t get into listing my favourite bands and what not, but I will direct you to some really great books that showcase the art of the punk scene’s in the US, Canada and the UK. Here’s my personal collection of books about punk rock.

Get in the Van – Henry Rollins

The journals of Henry Rollins in the late 80’s touring with Black Flag. This book is a very personal account of all the adventures of Rollins and Black Flag. Being born in 86′, I didn’t grow up with Black Flag, so this book educated me on different bands of the time. Check out this video from the 90’s about the book.

The Smiths – A Light That Never Goes Out

This book is interesting because it describes the New York scene through the mind and eyes of a young Morrissey before The Smiths fame. Then of course you get the history of The Smiths, but the parallels between the UK and US are pretty cool to me.

Punk: An Aesthetic

Wicked photo book, period. Loads of posters from flyers for shows, fanzines, and rare pieces of art clippings and newspaper write ups. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in the visual art of punk from all over the world.

TOHC: Tomorrow is Too Late

This book is not in my collection yet, but it will be soon. I know the author so that’s pretty cool too. I can’t wait to get my hands on it and peruse through the years of punk in my hometown of Toronto. I’m very excited for this and will probably do a whole post on it after I get it. Read the summary from the UXB Press website:

Documenting the multi-faceted hardcore punk scene of Canada’s largest city during the last decade of the Cold War, Tomorrow Is Too Late is packed with rare photos, rough art, and raw memories from those who were there. Taking in the bands, the gigs, the culture and the kids, this book is both a treasure trove of serious punk history and an ambitious exploration of Toronto underground subculture in the pre-internet era.

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