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The Best White Low Cut Sneakers: Ranked

For real – I feel like everyone needs a white low cut sneaker in their arsenal. So, I’ve collected an assortment of the top 5 best low cut white sneakers for men, and posted them below for your judgement. Keep in mind, I’m a simple guy, and kind of cheap. So there is some bias in that regard, and of course, more bias in other regards too.

5. Eytys

Here we have some Eytys low cuts with a classic upper in canvas, and probably some good rubber for the outsole. Not gonna lie, these are fresh – and definitely a luxury. I’m not into paying that much for a shoe of this nature, so I’m putting this one last at number 5.

4. Buddy

Made in Japan, here we have the Corgi Low from Buddy. Another classic upper, but this time, in a thick cut leather that looks like it’s going to be super soft and comfortable after a few wears. Maybe not at first, which is common with all leather shoes, but once you break that shoe in, man, these are gonna be comfy. I like the aesthetic of Buddy overall, they’re simple as ever but pricey, so it’s a bit deceiving, but still, these come in a little cheaper than the previous one so I’ll rate em.

3. Raben

Raben’s low cut white is special to me. I actually got my start in the shoe-game as a result of owning some Raben’s during 2008 while I was in University in Australia’s Gold Coast. Long story short, I went to Sydney and bought 30 pairs, went back to my home-base in Southport and sold some to friends and wore a new paid almost every week. I was sort of obsessed, and they were cheap that I didn’t care if a fresh paid of white kicks were destroyed after one night, sometimes they looked better with some stains on them to be honest. Shoutout to Raben footwear in Sydney, and the miserable owner who was a dick-head to me, and please update your website cause it’s not 93′ anymore.

2. Volley

Another classic Australian shoe, the Volley International Canvas. These are a staple in the Aussie fashion-scene if you shop at the big department stores and like to rock a laid back classic Aussie look. I had a pair, or maybe they were my roommates – not sure, but they got the job done. I like the rubber toe cup, it’s an extra layer of durability because sometimes you need that. Classic white sneakers, I give these the second spot. 

1. Luigi Sardo

Free from bias and furthering nobody’s agenda, I rate the Luigi Sardo Low Cut in white at number 1. Let me explain why. Firstly, there’s no bullshit here. These are the simplest form of low cut white sneakers known to man, with the most affordable price tag on the planet. You get a nice comfortable insole, fresh white canvas throughout the upper and a good set of laces. Second, there’s a stitching line on the outsole so it’s going to separate easily like the shoes without this stitch, this is very advanced tech for a low cut shoe of this nature – so that’s a nice change.

If you think I missed some classic white low cuts on this list, please state your case in the comments below. I’m always on the lookout for new renditions of this classic silhouette.

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