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Why Every Guy Needs A Pair Of Cheap Sneakers

You know sometimes you need a pair of shitkickers. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about, those kicks you can throw on or slip on and run out to the car to get whatever you forgot. Or the shoes you can use to cut the grass, or water the plants, or take out the trash. Those are the kind of shoes we make, cheap shoes for men that weather life's repetitive storms of daily life. We all have a favourite shoe, and different times call for different dress - but there are those staples in life that you just gravitate towards unknowingly for just about everything.

For me, I really feel best in a pair of shoes that I can wear barefoot in a pair of shorts and go to the gym in, or walk around town and drive - or bike in. Those are what Luigi Sardo's are designed for, everyday life - the routine aspects - but with a touch of style.

The colours you need are a black on black, white on white, and gray on white. This monochrome combination is a key for any dude's shoe/sneaker arsenal. With a pair of black jeans, throw on the white's, or throw on the black's or the gray's. They all work perfectly.

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