The Osiris D3 Controversy

If you skateboarded in the 90’s, you might recognize this shoe by Osiris.

It was always the highest priced shoe at the skateshop and had the chunkiest, bulkiest side profile on the shelf. Osiris was a pioneer in skate shoes, I remember my first pair. I had the Tyrone Olsen model, which was the first ever shoe to have a stash pocket on the inside tongue. Brilliant concept, stashed plenty of joints in there when going to concerts as a lil youngster. I always wanted the D3 though, just because it was so cool looking with air pockets and so much detail and tech. Your laces would probably last a lot longer in D3’s, or at least one would think. It became a fashion statement as skateboarding progressed and became more expressive as cultural reference.

Vice put together an incredible video piece on the history of this iconic shoe, and I totally geeked out when I saw the thumbnail image on my youtube feed. It blew me away to learn of the controversy behind the shoe between the Osiris founder and lead designer and Dave Mayhew (the pro skateboarder who co-designed it with Osiris).


I highly recommend you check this out if you’re a fan of the D3, or skateboarding in the 90’s.

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