Sweet Youtube Channels

If you’re looking for some new Youtube channels to subscribe to, check out my list below. There’s not really a common theme, but most of them teach you something in some way.

Check out some of my favourite Youtube channels.



Tring Shoe Repair – this guy has a great channel that showcases his shoe repair work. It’s super detailed and he’s a bit of a character. Check them out


Ras Kitchen – my friend Matt Pancer puts this channel together, it’s all about Ital cooking with a rasta in Jamaica who goes by the name of Mokko.

Tasty – awesome short videos of recipes

Jelle’s Marble Runs – oddly amusing, watch marbles race through various obstacles, and it’s all timed like a real Olympic race…very cool.

Jimmy Diresta – one of my favourite makers, I’ve been a subsriber since under 100K, this guy is so cool.

More to come…

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